Satpal Ji Maharaj

Shri Satpal Maharaj is a multi-dimensional versatile personality who is playing different roles at the same time. Like his father he is a great karmyogi which according to the Gita means to remain equipoised while performing all types of responsibilities which come to a person. He is action oriented irrespective of successes and failures which come in its trail.

There are two aspects of Maharaj Ji's personality - the physical and the psychic. A Karmayogi par excellent. He is always busy in human welfare activites. He has an integrated yogic personality which encompasses all activites which concern the betterment of human being including politics. He is a versatile genius and full of wisdom. Science and spirituality blend in him beautifully.

He is a perfectionist and disciplinarian and attends himself to the details of everything. His organizational skills and leadership qualities are exceptional. The socio-political activities of Shri Satpal Maharaj infact stem from his spiritual vision and idealism. Maharaj Ji entering into the politics is also primarily guided by the same spirit of Sarve Bhawantu Sukhina, to serve the people.